• Timeless Works of Art Through Music and Voice

    Here is a list of Stephanie Reese’s past achievements in the arts, across the globe, outlined in the types of performances she has attended, created, produced and even directed.

  • Talent and a Kind Heart

    For Stephanie, it’s like going home. “I am proud and grateful for my Filipino heritage. I may be a mixed race child but my ,heart is 100 percent Filipina.”

  • Who is Stephanie Reese?

    Stephanie Reese is an international singer, actress and philanthropist. Her diverse ethnic background of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Irish, English and Welsh have blessed her with an eclectic versatility that is reflected in her style, her music, the roles she has played, the tremendous range of her voice and the wide variety of songs she enjoys performing.

  • My New Site

    Sometime last year, my webmaster (umm… that’s what they call ‘em, right?) forgot to renew the subscription to my old website name a.k.a. domain name. Rather than rebuild, we’ll make content newer and more personal… like this one! Call it a blog, a web site, a music site, or a photo site.